After the Storm

February 15, 2017


All roofers are not the same; this assumption can cost you big money in the long run if you do not properly vet your roofing contractor. If you follow this advice, your roof replacement or repair will go smoothly and save you money.




Have patience, it’s a simple piece of advice that is often ignored. If your roof is leaking, by all means get it patched quickly. Every insurance company will allow for temporary repairs. You can go about the next step in 1 of 2 ways. You can either call a roofing contractor to do a primary roof inspection and provide an estimate, then if there is damage to file a claim, then call your insurance company.


Or you can call your insurance company to file a claim, then send an adjuster, then call a roofing contractor to provide an estimate. The benefit to calling the contractor first is to verify that there is damage before filing a claim. Sometimes an insurance company will ding your account if you file a claim that goes nowhere. So, it’s good to have a set of eyes to verify the damage before the call to insurance carrier.


Most carriers allow 12 months to file a claim and allow 24 months to complete the repair. You would need to verify with your carrier on their terms.


Storms Bring Chasers


Watch out for the pushy salesman knocking on your door and there will be a lot of them. Until there is a sign in your yard, you will be bombarded. Some advice on how to handle the salesman, if you allow them to give an estimate, make sure you get a firm price. Some will claim to do it for insurance pricing, some will even pay your deductible for you (which is illegal), and some will charge a flat fee whether insurance covers it or not. In any case, never sign the contract until you have had time to review a minimum of 3 quotes. Don’t choose the cheapest quote, choose the best quote.


Insurance Hustlers


Another thing to watch out for are the insurance hustlers. These are guys that come out and ask you to sign a contingency contract. These guys will go to bat for you and claim to make sure that the insurance company pays you for everything regarding the claim. The contingency will state that if they get the insurance company to pay the claim then you agree to sign a roofing contract. It’s basically signing 2 contracts. However, if they don’t get the claim passed, then you owe nothing.


Here’s the problem, if there is a questionable claim, then they will be pushy to get the claim passed and then they will be hard on the adjuster/company to pay out even more. They are commissioned to get as much money as possible. If they do that too much they will be black listed and insurance companies will not do work with them anymore. Adjusters talk to each other and they know who are the reputable companies from the chasers.


On the flip side, if the claim is obvious, then you don’t need them to work on your behalf. Just kindly ask them for an estimate and then send them on their way.


To Release or Not to Release?


Should you release your insurance claim information to the roofing contractor? There’s no right or wrong answer here, but there are pros and cons. It really depends on how much money you want to save and how much time you have.


If you turn the information over, the roofing contractor will swipe all the allotments, but they should also file any supplements as well. Supplements are extra charges that were not on the original insurance claim pay out. If you, the homeowner, does not know what to look for, then you may not receive all the money that is owed to you.


On the other hand, if you keep the insurance claim information close to you, then you have full control. The roofing contractor must go through you and give you an estimate based on actual costs. This estimate may be higher or lower than the insurance claim. Make sure that the contractor provides an itemized list of expenses so that you can compare to what is missing from the claim. If there are items that the contractor wants to charge for but are not on the claim, call your adjuster and have them add the supplement. It takes more of your time, but you could save a lot of money as well.


What now?


When you have a weather event that wreaks havoc to your home, the first thing you need to do is do a quick survey of the damage. Make any quick temporary repairs, then have patience. Sioux Falls Roofers are the only ROOFING ADVISORS in Sioux Falls. What sets us apart from any other roofing contractor, is that we look out for you and your home. We are not storm chasers. We can help you make the best decision for your repairs, even if we are not the restoration company you choose.


For emergency repairs after the storm you can call us at 605-951-9780. We will work quickly to protect your home for further damage.


You can also call us for help in insurance claims, regardless if we are the restoration company. We have the heart of a teacher and we hope to teach you the process so that you can handle it and save you a lot of money.