Sioux Falls Roofers Partnering with “No Roof Left Behind” to Give Away Free Roof



SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls Roofers have partnered up with the nationwide campaign “No Roof Left Behind” to provide a roof to a person or family in the area who are in need.  Organizers are accepting nominations starting April 1st to give away a free roof repair and replacement.


We all know the saying “At least you have a roof over your head.”  For some families that might not actually be a reality.   A roof can cost thousands of dollars that many may not have.  Sioux Falls Roofers said one family’s struggles, inspired them to get involved with the nationwide campaign “No Roof Left Behind.”


A partner of Sioux Falls Roofers, Mike Johnson, said “One of the stories that we came across was a family in Tennessee that also was a part of the program and they have a son that has brain and spinal cancer.”


But organizers said there’s more to the Campaign than giving away a free roof.  So what is it really about for the Sioux Empire?


“We really want to bring communities together.  That’s our overall goal,” said David Holmquist, a partner of Sioux Falls Roofers.


Before the campaign can donate a free repair and replacement, they’re asking for your help.  They want community members to nominate a person or family in need of a new roof.


“Hopefully the neighbors can get involved.  That’s really what we’re about is bringing the community together.  Getting the neighborhood involved and helping somebody that is in need, said Johnson.


Nominees must be from Minnehaha, Lincoln, Turner, Lake, McCook, or Moody county.  Four finalist will be picked in June.  The winner will be revealed in August and their roof will be replaced later that month.  If you would like to be nominated or if you want to nominate someone you can do so online at